I have started to investigate and create my pieces in the US (new land) through measuring my body, mapping my studio, and symbolically I use pigeons as a symbol of femininity, freedom, the possibility of coming back home because they have magnetic in their brains. so I should find the answer to this crucial question: where is my home?! Space in my works could have many different shapes such as filled space or vacuum space, negative or positive! crossed or checkered! pigeons have been getting great cultural, symbolic, and spiritual significance in many civilizations and traditions, since far past modern times.

Pigeons have always fascinated people. They live all over the world and are probably some of the first domesticated species of birds. Their connection with humans seizes back to ancient times.

In many of the world’s greatest mythologies and religious systems, pigeons have always had a special place. Apart from those common associations, pigeons were associated with concepts of femininity and maternity. Some of the greatest female deities are often depicted holding a dove or a pigeon or the animal is considered one of their spiritual transformation forms. For example, depictions of the great ancient goddess Ishtar, the Mother of Sumerian people, often include a pigeon.