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Maryam (Mary) Takalou has been honing her skills in painting and printmaking for the past several years. Originally a figurative painter, she now also incorporates them into three-dimensional pieces, installations, and videos.

Takalou was born and grew up in Tehran, Iran, where she received a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design and Painting. She continued her education at Tehran University, earning an MFA in Fine Art in 2014. There, she worked on the way of usage videos on visual art such as painting and drawing, which led to the publication of a book on the subject, available in Persian in Iran. While pursuing her MFA, she also taught printmaking to graduate students in the Fine Art Department and was part of a 2015 artwork exchange with Japanese and French students. In 2021 she will graduate with a second MFA degree, from Florida State University, where she currently serves as an instructor.



1415 Charlotte Street, 3204, Tallahassee, FL


2019-2022, MFA Candidate 2022, Art Studio, Fine Art Department at Florida State University. 

2011-2014, MA degree in Visual Art/painting, Fine Art Department, University of Tehran, Iran. 

2004-2008, BA degree in Painting, Islamic Azad University, Tehran Central Campus, Iran. 

1999–2001, Associate degree in Graphic design, Shariati Technical College, Tehran, Iran. 


2020-2022, Instructor, Foundation Drawing, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida.

2015-2016, Instructor, Drawing, Jahad Daneshgahi, University of Tehran, Iran.

2013-2017, Adjunct, Drawing, Machine Printing, Geometry, and landscape, Fundamental of Visual Arts, Islamic Azad University, Islamshahr, Iran.


2021,Takalou, Maryam; (2021) “Body usage as a textual ground in two Diaspora artists’ Artworks Shirin Neshat and Wafaa Bilal” (Under review).

2016, Shaker, Vahid; Takalou, Maryam; (2016), “Studying the important factors in purchase the paintings in Tehran”, Lecture in 6th International Conference on Economics Management, 15 January 2016, Belgium: Brussels.

2015, Takalou, Maryam; Goudarzi, Mostafa; (2015), “The diverse benefits of painting in Video Art”, Mehre Norouz Publication, Tehran, Iran.

2015, Shaker, Vahid; Takalou, Maryam; “The Role of Private sector in Iran visual arts market in the 80s” The 1stInternational Conference on Science and Engineering, 1st December 2015, UAE: Dubai.

2014, Shaker, Vahid; Takalou, Maryam; Khalili, Hossein (2014), “The role of artists ‘personal studios in selling the visual artworks in Iran” (case study: Tehran city), an abstract of Economy of Iranian Art’s conference, efforts by Mohammadreza Moridi, Tehran: Farhangestan Honor Publication.


2020, Course Certificate “What Is Contemporary Art?” None-credit course authorized by the Museum of Modern Art.

2020, Course Certificate “Feminism and Social Justice” authorized by University of California, Santa Cruz.




2021, In-Here Out-There, WMC Gallery, Tallahassee, Florida.

2014, Ophelia, Elahe Gallery, Tehran, Iran.

2012, Tools, Hoor Gallery, Tehran, Iran.


2021, The Shape of Care, thresholds, WMC Gallery, Tallahassee, Florida.

2021, High-Level Structure, WMC Gallery, Tallahassee, Florida.

2020, Slips, Trips and Falls, Tallahassee, Florida.

2018, Flower group Exhibition, Negar Gallery, Tehran, Iran.

2016, The 3rd printmaking exchange annual exhibition, Laleh Gallery, Tehran, Iran.

2015, Nowruzaneh Exhibition at Tehran University, to the benefit of unsupervised children with a group of students at the University of Tehran.

2014, The other, painting group exhibition, Shirin Gallery, Tehran, Iran.

2014, No borderline, Touch Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts.

2013-2015, Painting group exhibition of numerous Iranian painters’ generations, Laleh Gallery, Tehran, Iran.

2013, War, painting group exhibition, Ahvaz contemporary art museum, Ahvaz, Iran.

2013, Haft Negah Exhibition, Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran.

2013, Iranian Contemporary Artist’s group exhibition, Laleh Gallery, Tehran, Iran.

2012, Small works, Aria Gallery, Tehran, Iran.

2012, Tehran Expo, Vahdat Hall, Tehran, Iran.

2012, Process, Printmaking Exhibition, East Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran.

2012, The event, Dey Gallery, Tehran, Iran.

2009, ILMONDO FANTASTICO DIROSTAM, Illustrazioni di artist iraniani, Florence, Italy.

2006, King of Book Illustration, Laleh Gallery, Tehran, Iran.

2005, Drawing group exhibition, Behzad Gallery, Tehran, Iran.

2007, Afarinesh Festival, first prize for drawing, Curating by Islamic Azad University.

2006, Selected for Young Art Festival, Tehran, Iran.